Unlocking Profitability: The Power of Margins in Scaling E-commerce Ads

📢 Hey there, valued readers of 316 Interactive! Today, I want to delve into a topic that is often overlooked but holds immense significance when it comes to scaling e-commerce ads: the critical role of margins. As we navigate the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, it’s crucial to not only focus on sales figures but […]

5 Steps To Grow Your Crystal Shop to 5, 6 figures a month in less than 1 month!

Over the past few years, interest in the search term “healing crystals” has consistently increased. In 2021, it attained its highest point ever. You might have already heard about zhungite.com. I built this brand from scratch! And we’d like to help you achieve the same success. Here are 5 simple steps to grow your crystal […]

Explosive Success! Zhungite, My E-commerce Shop, Acquired in a Flash!

Here’s how I did it: Step 1: Market research. Ultimately, consumers make the market. I looked for what products/services are in demand? What’s trending now? I personally like to deal with products/services that align with my values. During this time of a global pandemic, concentrating on our health and considering alternative healing methods couldn’t be […]

It’s no question that Facebook has gone crazy with bans. Here’s how you can appeal them.

The suspension of Facebook ad accounts is absolutely nothing new. Everyone who does Facebook advertising has seen it. The rules for Facebook advertising are particularly complicated. There are approximately 43 types of products that are prohibited.  If you receive one of the following notifications, it means that your advertising account has been disabled. This ad account, […]