It’s no question that Facebook has gone crazy with bans. Here’s how you can appeal them.

The suspension of Facebook ad accounts is absolutely nothing new. Everyone who does Facebook advertising has seen it. The rules for Facebook advertising are particularly complicated. There are approximately 43 types of products that are prohibited. 

If you receive one of the following notifications, it means that your advertising account has been disabled.

This ad account, its ads and some of its advertising assets are disabled because the business that owns it didn’t comply with our Advertising Policies or other standards.

Your ad account has been flagged for policy violations. Any ads you’re running have been turned off. If you believe this is a mistake, please contact us.

To re-activate the Facebook account, you must first determine your violation points according to the official policy guidelines, and then enter the official Facebook appeal page for a reasonable appeal.

There are several reasons why the advertising account could be blocked.

  1. We are doing proxy investment services.
  2. Served adult content.
  3. Advertising campaigns have some sort of gender, age, or racial discrimination. I have personally encountered that innocent advertisers’ were accused to have racial discrimination and the advertising account was blocked.
  4. Direct infringement of Facebook and its other brands, such as Instagram. Don’t use logos or anything in your ad or landing page that copies Facebook’s brand in any shape or form.
  5. Promoted the following prohibited products: illegal products, drugs in general, tobacco, unsafe supplies, weapons, flammable and explosive products, adult products, infringing products, surveillance products, health products, spyware , unlicensed live broadcast software and hardware products, organs, and unlicensed financial products.
  6. Promotions have included the following types of content: sensitive content, misleading content, false statements, and autoplay content.
  7. Promoted restricted products : alcohol, dating products, gambling websites, pharmacies, automatic periodic deduction products, financial products, insurance business, brand products, weight loss products, alcohol and smoking cessation products and blockchain currency products. You can find all prohibited and restricted products in the official Facebook documentation
  8. Frequent changes in payment methods
  9. 301 pages promoted
  10. The promoted website pages do not comply with Facebook’s own advertising policies. That’s right, not only your ads must comply with Facebook’s advertising policies , but even the landing pages of the websites you promote must absolutely comply with Facebook’s advertising policies.
  11. Create multiple advertising accounts in a short time and promote the same Facebook corporate page at the same time. Yep, Facebook will go crazy and ban you for it. Be careful.
  12. Too many appeals. If the ads you opened by yourself always fail to review, and you create new ads frequently in a short period of time, and keep reviewing and appealing. Then there will be the risk of the account being deactivated.
  13. Change ip frequently to log in to your advertising account. This may also disable your account for security risks.

Steps to appeal

  1. Depending on the reason why your ad account got flagged, you’ll be directed to a different link to appeal. Go here, scroll down and find the link. If the link isn’t there, open a live chat. If the live chat isn’t available, you need to wait a couple hours up to 24h for an appeal link to appear.
  2. Fill in your appeal point(s).
  3. Before writing the appeal, you need to guess which rules you have roughly violated based on the content above. Although sometimes you cannot be absolutely certain, it is necessary to roughly confirm a few possible violations.
  4. In your appeal, first apologize, then write down your own possible violations and ask for re-activation.
  5. Avoid repeating those violations.
  6. The way the appeal is written is not about how deep you write it, but more about how clear it is.
  7. Complete the form and submit it. Generally, it takes several working days to complete the review.

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