5 Steps To Grow Your Crystal Shop to 5, 6 figures a month in less than 1 month!

Over the past few years, interest in the search term “healing crystals” has consistently increased. In 2021, it attained its highest point ever.

You might have already heard about zhungite.com. We built this brand from scratch! And we’d like to help you achieve the same success.

Here are 5 simple steps to grow your crystal shop to at least 5 figures a month in less than 1 month:

Step 1: Pick your niche

Avoid the pitfall of trying to sell everything to everyone. Crystal selling is a saturated market. By concentrating on a specific market, you will appeal to specific customers! Think about WHO you are going to market to before developing your niche based on WHAT you sell. For example, we decided to focus on selling shungite crystals, which attracts unique customers.

Step 2: Find reliable supplier(s)

Try to find at least 2-3 suppliers for your shop at wholesale prices that will enable you to turn a solid profit. Never sell crystals that you purchase at retail pricing. Simply put, there is no room for you to make a profit that way.

Not sure where to look for wholesale or dropship suppliers? Here are few places we guarantee you will find suppliers: Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

Step 3: Build an online presence

Create a nice website, a Facebook, Instagram and TikTok account. You don’t need thousands or millions of followers to build an online presence. The goal here is to establish a bit of credibility. Here’s what you need to do: find micro influencers and get them to promote your crystals and shop. Post regularly on IG and TikTok. You need at least 10 solid UGC/Influencer content to showcase trust with customers.

Step 4: Come up with attractive offers

After listing on your crystals on your website, start thinking about attractive offers. For example, Buy 2 Get 1 Free, Free Shipping on orders $100+, Free plus shipping, etc. The goal is to incentive customers to 1. Spend more therefore increase your average order baskets 2. Feel like they are getting a great offer they can’t refuse.

Step 5: Run Facebook/Instragram/Tiktok Ads

Contrary to popular belief amongst crystal shop owners, selling crystals through paid advertising is very profitable. The key to being successful in paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok is a phenomenal offer. And your UGC content will come in handy for prospecting and retargeting campaigns.

If you need help with any of the above steps. Get in touch with us via Facebook Messenger. We offer consulting and done for you services.

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